Sebastian Esser

iOS Developer


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Currently working freelance for clients in the US and Germany, I focus on developing beautiful and intuitive apps with clear and precise language and documentation written in Swift.

With years of experience developing iOS apps, along with extensive skills in managing large projects with Clover Lantern, I strive to create and work with great apps and teams.

Before working freelance for clients, I was a co founder of Clover Lantern, a physical tech company along with iOS app compontents. With the help of others, I managed and lead the creation of multiple products, secured initial investments, manufacturer agreements with EMS and plastic suppliers in the US and China as well as setup injection molding connections.

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iOS Developer

More than two years experience developing iOS apps for clients using test driven development and version control.

Database Integration

Knowledgable in integrating RESTful APIs with libraries such as URLSession and Alamofire.

Firebase and TensorFlow

Experienced in implementing Firebase into clients apps for simple database networking as well as using TensorFlow to create machine learning models.

New Libraries

Developed apps using just anounched libraries such as SwiftUI and RealityKit and written tutorials for them on Medium.


Knowledgable in integrating Scrum into agile development teams and managing them.


Experienced in writing Python scripts for data manipulation using Pycharm, IDLE, and Atom IDEs.



Beer Identifier

A beer identifier which uses a TensorFlow Lite model in conjunction with Firebase to detect beer. Also integrated with a SQL database, containing thousands of beers and their information, compiled into JSON for use in app.


Unrelased Car Rental App

Using RESTful APIs, URLSession and Firebase, created rental app interface for German car rental client. Also included a mini social network built on Firebase for customers to communicate with each other and the client.


VFR Connect

Implemented Firebase to create a quick and easy database backend to log users activity as well as posts with MapKit.


Clover Lantern

Yanko Design

Co founded and ran the day to day operations of Clover, working on physical tech products from idea to production ready samples. Also managed iOS apps integrated into products with a team of 6 engineers and designers.

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